Heads Up

The impact of global inflation on international schools

January 26, 2023 ISC Research Episode 13
Heads Up
The impact of global inflation on international schools
Show Notes

In this episode, Pia Maske, East Asia Field Research Manager at ISC Research, addresses the challenge of global inflation in international schools with a panel of experts. What new challenges are schools facing in this economic turmoil, and how are schools alleviating the risks to their teaching and learning and to their entire school community? What practical solutions and suggestions are there that may help the broader international schools community to unite in a time of crisis? These questions and plenty more are addressed in this episode.  

Thank you to Pia and our representatives from international schools: 

- Szilvi Lazar, Director of Advancement at the International Christian School of Budapest in Hungary

- Myna Anderson, Director at Banjul American International School in the Gambia

Our panelists shared some associations and schemes that they have turned to for support during this time of crisis:  

- Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

- African International Schools Association (AISA) and their Small Schools Initiative (SSI)

- GLOBAL School Consulting Group

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